“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

― Ansel Adams

A simple observation from Mr Ansel Adams, yet one that is so complex in meaning.

It is true of-course, that you should seek out the right light, the correct composition, the most vibrant of colours, or the depth and shades of monochrome, perhaps looking for the meaning behind the shot, and not forgetting of-course the technical aspects, to ensure that you "make" your photograph the best that you possibly can.

For the last few years, I have set out to do just that,  by shooting exclusively on manual,  I seek out a fresh and dynamic vision which will "make" the photograph as unique and interesting as possible.   

It has been about 10 years since i started shooting with an Olympus 410e twin lens kit, and then 7 years later, a shutter release failure made me upgrade to a Canon 7D ii. In the beginning I shot mostly landscapes, although later, I developed an interest in action events and portraits. 

I have since made many new friends, attended numerous fashion shows & events, met some famous people, gained media accreditation for local and major international events including Gumball 3000,  Ignition Fest (twice),  House of Ikons (London),  Aberdeen Fashion Week and Equal Events / Edinburgh Alternative Fashion show.  I have also been awarded two trophies (2019),  and had model photographs featured six times and counting in various internet based model magazines, and, just recently, I even made the front cover of a local newspaper   .......... and yet,  there is still so much more to achieve.

Although fellow photographers set extremely high standards,   they inspire me,  and make me think about what i do,  how I do it,  and  to seek new challenges to push my limits and develop my skills and technique.  

Working with other creatives has been truly awesome,  from models to designers, MUA's and other photographers, I want to shout out a huge "THANK YOU" .........  you are all awesome !

It has been an incredible road of discovery, experience and enjoyment.  I will continue with my photographic journey, and make the best of all the opportunities that come my way.   So here's to the next 10 years, and I am able to say for some certainty,  that more "awesomeness" will follow soon ..........  keep watching the web !!          

Andy  Moncrieff,   April 2019